MAD Exercise Equipment


HomeGym DipStation& LegPressStation
Home Gym with Dip Station and Leg Press Station

 Home Gym w/ Dip 
& Leg Press Stations

-Provides various targeted workouts including legs, arms, chest, back and abdominal
-Resistance type: weight stacks
-Two stations of weight stacks
-Easy weight selection
-Durable seat and back pads
-Dimensions: 80" x 83" x 91"

Life Fitness Fit 3 Multi Gym

 Life Fitness 
Fit 3 Multi Gym

-Versatile strength training options
-12 Gauge steel frame ensures maximum structural integrity
-3 Workout Stations
-3 Weight Stack Stations
-Resistance: Weight Stacks
-Dimensions: 102"x102"x85"

N Olympic HG
N Olympic HG

Olympic Multi Gym

-Combined benefits of Smith Machines and Dual Cable Crossover
-Resistance: Weight Plate Stack
-Adjustable weight bench: Incline, Flat and Decline
-Adjustable cable pulleys with 
-Dimensions: 69" x 78" x 83" 

Powertec Compact Leg Press
Powertec Compact Leg Press

 Powertec Compact 
Leg Sled

-Nylon bearing wheels provide an ultra-smooth workout
-Adjustable back pad
-Adjustable angle foot plate
-Dimensions: 67" x 45" x 54"

seated preacher curl machine
Seated Preacher Curl

 Seated Preacher Curl

-Designed to put more intensity into working biceps 
-Heavy duty steel provides stability and durability
-Tapered arm padding
-Adjustable arm rest
-2" Thick seat cushion
-Bar rest for added convenience
-Dimensions: 28.5" x 30" x 35"

Smith Power Rack
Smith Frame Wide Power Rack

 Smith Frame 
Wide Power Rack 

-Provides a high level of safety to free weights lifters
-Sturdy and Compact
-Easy to move around workout area
-Steel Frame
-Adjustable lift-offs
-Max Weight: 300 lbs
-Dimensions: 44" x 46" x 82"